Here’s Tejashri Pradhan Aka Shubhra’s Cute Throwback Picture We Can’t Stop Gushing About

Tejshri Pradhan is an audience favourite as Shubhra. Watch the cute picture the actress posted inside


Agga Bai Sasubai’s Shubhra is portrayed as the kindest soul on the show, where she is seen supporting her mother-in-law Asawari, in every way she can. She is also labeled as the perfect daughter-in-law, as she is progressive, caring and in many ways, unconventional. The way Shubhra takes care of everything at Abhijeet and Asawari’s wedding is worth appreciation. She also becomes the bride’s karavli for Asawari’s wedding. Watch the wedding special episode to find out how Shubhra finally managed to get Asawari and Abhijeet married!

Watch the episode here.

Shubhra’s attitude towards Soham and the way she tries to stop him from behaving rudely is also commendable. Tejshri Pradhan, who plays the character, has also mentioned in an interview previously, about how she can relate to Shubhra and shares similar traits with her. Shubhra’s resilience, and her sweet words, definitely make us think about how we can become better people. But is Tejshri really like Shubhra in real life? This latest picture by her sure makes us believe that she is!

Tejshri’s cute throwback post makes us go aww on loop. In this picture, she can be seen hanging around kids and clicking selfies with them. The little ones are seen posing and sticking their tongues out, making the candid picture even cuter. Now if someone can be so kind with kids, how can she not be a gentle soul, right? But is Tejashri a family person as such?

In an interview with a popular news website, the actress said that she most definitely is. “Honestly, I avoid socialising or partying, because, after work, I feel my time is for my family because they do not complain or demand. So, it is fair that I spend time with them too,” said Tejashri.

We love how similar Tejashri and Shubhra are. What do you thin? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned for all the updates here. Watch the upcoming episodes of Agga Bai Sasubai on Zee5