Gayatri Datar And Isha Keskar Help You Get Makeup Look As Per Your Eye Shape

These simple makeup hacks will work perfectly on your face.

Gayatri Datar and Isha Keskar pose for a photo.

As someone rightly said, eyes are the gateway to a person’s soul. So, that gateway better be excellent. If you want to make them look good, the actresses from Anita Date to Gayatri Datar will help you find the perfect makeup for your eyes. First, you could start by recognising your eye-shape, then followed by applying cosmetics that suit it. Guess what’s the best part? These makeup looks don’t require fancy products and skills.

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On that note,  here are easy looks for your eyes!

1.Hooded eyes

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Since your lid is covered by a layer of skin, opt for light smokey makeup on the outer corners of your eyes. You could make your upper lashes prominent with mascara followed by blending of your eyeshadow upwards.

2.Almond eyes

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Having these kinds of eyes is a true blessing as they are completely symmetrical. You can make the eyes bigger in appearance with an eyeliner. (Avoid it on the lower lashline.)

3.Wide-set eyes

You can use falsies to make your lashes look longer. Be sure to use kajal and liner inside your eye and on the eyelid.

4.  Deep set eyes

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You have prominent eyes which are deep. For this makeup look, you would want to use lighter eyeshadows. Opt for a smudged eyeshadow of similar colour to enhance your lashes below.

5.Protruding eyes

Since your eyes are your best feature, don’t cake them with too many layers. You could use an eyeshadow starting from the inner corners of your eye. Go on expanding the coverage as you reach the outer corner. Wrap it up with a dash of glitter.

Do you like playing with makeup just as much as we do? Let us know about your trusted makeup products for your eyes!

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