Gautami Deshpande, Apurva Nemlekar: Here’s What We Think These Stars Will Do Post Lockdown

While hoping that the restrictions are lifted soon, let's look at what our favourite Zee Marathi celebs might do post-lockdown.

Gautami Deshpande And Apurva Nemlekar

The coronavirus pandemic has altered our daily routines and lifestyles. The authorities have already halted operations like travel and entertainment to slow down the spread of the disease. Now that the #lockdown4.0 has been enforced, we have started to embrace the new normal. But that hasn’t stopped us all from looking at the bright side of things. Almost everyone has gotten busy charting post-lockdown plans for themselves while hoping for the restrictions to be lifted soon. Let’s look at what we think our favourite Zee Marathi celebs will do after the lockdown. First up on our list is the multi-talented Gautami Deshpande.

Watch an episode of Gautami’s show Maza Hoshil Na here.

Gautami aka Maza Hoshil Na‘s Sai is an outdoorsy soul who likes to travel in her free time. She often goes on long vacations and tours when she isn’t shooting. The actress also likes to go on treks and travel to unexplored places. Gautami recently shared a throwback picture of her travel escapades in Bali. We are sure that the first thing the actress will do post the lockdown is pack her bags and set off to destination on her checklist!

Apurva Nemlekar is evidently a bigtime foodie. Check out her Instagram profile where you’ll find pictures of the actress hogging on some delicious food. Fortunately, the hazel-eyed beauty knows how to cook and is currently experimenting with different cuisines even during the lockdown. From panipuri to home-made pizza to batata vada and chicken barbeque, the actress has cooked them all. Nevertheless, we are sure Apurva misses going on food tours and is planning to try out delicious street food after the lockdown.

It’s been months since Shreya hasn’t met any of her best friends. The lockdown has forced us all to stay put at home and maintain social distancing. As a result, the actress hasn’t been able to meet up with her lovely girl gang. The Chala Hawa Yeu Dya actress might be missing hanging out and spending time with her besties which include Tejaswini Pandit, Abhidnya Bhave, and Anuja Sathe. We feel that the first thing which Shreya would end up doing post-lockdown is arranging a get-together to meet her girl gang. This means gossip, games, and guaranteed group hugs for Shreya! Right?

Ashutosh Patki, who plays the role of Soham in Agga Bai Sasubai, is a fitness freak who likes to spend time at the gym. So we are sure that he would busy planning his workout routine for a sweaty afternoon at the gym. Ashutosh’s idea of a perfect post-lockdown world would feature dumbells, treadmills, and his sweat pants. Agreed?

While Abhijeet waits for the lockdown to end soon, we feel that he may have already planned a romantic date with his wife Sukhada Khandkekar. Unlike his on-screen character Gurunath in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, this gentleman knows how to take care of his bayko. Take her out on a long drive, arrange a candlelight dinner by the beach and shower her with love- just the ideal date for Abhijeet. Don’t you think?

What are you planning to do post the lockdown? Let us know in the comments box below.

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