EXCLUSIVE: Subodh Bhave Is An Interesting And Intriguing Actor, Says Shilpa Tulaskar

Shilpa Tulaskar, who will be seen playing the character, had loads to share about her co-star.

Shilpa Tulaskar and Subodh Bhave from Tula Pahate Re.

Currently, we are eagerly waiting for Rajanandini to make an entry in Tula Pahate Re. Given the mystery around this character, we are pumped up to watch how Isha and Vikrant’s love story is affected because of his tumultuous past. More importantly, we want to see Rajanandini and Vikrant’s chemistry. So, here’s what Shilpa Tulaskar who is essaying this character had to say about her co-star Subodh Bhave who plays Vikrant Saranjame.

Watch the episode below:

We had an opportunity to speak to Shilpa about her role in Tula Pahate Re. While having an abundance of experience in front of the camera herself, the actress had a lot to share when asked about her screen time with Subodh.  She said, “Absolutely, I was excited. He is an interesting and intriguing actor. After watching and reading so much about him, I was curious about his functioning because to work in the cinema and television are two different things. I am always keen on knowing how the actor approaches his character.”

Shilpa had all the nice things to reveal about this real-life gentleman. She also confessed that she was not only interested in sharing space with him onscreen but was looking forward to knowing in off the screen, too. After hearing this, we can’t wait for more time to watch this couple to make their debut.

So, are you excited to see Rajanandini and Vikrant’s love story unfold? Let us know in the comments below!

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