Exclusive: Shilpa Tulaskar Has An Advice For All Young Actors Which Shouldn’t Be Missed!

The actress has been a part of the entertainment industry for over two decades.

Shilpa Tulaskar from Tula Pahate Re

The time has finally come as Rajanandini is finally seen on Tula Pahate Re. Our piled up questions, about her relationship with Vikrant, are finally going to be answered. As we get to satisfy our curiosity around this thriller, nothing beats the happiness of seeing Shilpa Tulaskar and Subodh Bhave opposite each other for the first time on the small screen. On speaking to Shilpa, she got candid about acting and much more.

Watch the episode below:

We got a golden ticket to have a conversation with the actress who is known for her roles in superhits including Savita Damodhar Paranjape, Boyz and Dombivali Fast. Being in the industry of over two decades, we asked her the advice she would give to the young stars. She said, “They need to start being punctual with the call time. After reaching on sets, go to the makeup room quickly and rehearse your lines backwards and forwards.”

Then, speaking about the chemistry with her co-star Subodh Bhave, the actress said, “After watching and reading so much about him, I was curious about his functioning because to work in the cinema and television are two different things. I am always keen on knowing how the actor approaches his character.” She also added that Subodh is an interesting and intriguing person.

Further, when we asked her about her upcoming projects, the actress said we will just have to wait and watch. Currently, she is prioritising her shoot for Tula Pahate Re after which her films and TV shows will come.

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Meanwhile, for more entertainment, check out Shilpa Tulaskar and Subodh Bhave’s film Sanai Choughade streaming free on ZEE5.