Exclusive: ‘Nivedita And I Have Never Had Any Problems,’ Says Girish Oak

The actor opens up about his equation with Nivedita Saraf, saying that she and him "gel well".

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai

Aside from the healthy and refreshing relationship shown between Asawari (Nivedita Saraf) and her daughter-in-law Shubhra (Tejashri Pradhan), what also makes Agga Bai Sasubai a unique watch is an equation that she shares with Abhijeet Raje (Girish Oak). Nivedita plays a widow on the show, who finds love again with Abhijeet. Their chemistry and camaraderie are one of the highlights of the serial.

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In an exclusive interview with us, Girish Oak opened up about his off-screen equation with Nivedita. Talking about the same, he says, “This is the first time that I am working with Nivedita. We knew each other before but not in a professional capacity. But having had so many years of experience, now whenever we actors work together, we naturally gel with one another. We support as well as complement each other. It all happens organically. Therefore, we have never had any problems. ”

Girish has experimented with all mediums of entertainment be it theatre, films or television. Ask him about what he has learnt from each of these fields and he quips that this is a very detailed question and his answer won’t be that way. “However I will say this, ” expresses the actor, adding, “I feel that one medium is life, one is larger than life and one is smaller than life. By being on the small screen (television), you appear smaller too. However, you can reach out to every household with this medium. And at the same time, you hand over the control to people where if they are tired of you, they can switch over their loyalty to someone else. That’s the only drawback of this medium. However, it has a lot of reach. I feel the film is larger than life medium where you appear big. Theatre is all live-action, right in front of you. And in this medium, you have no control over it. You have to buy a ticket to see a play. And when you’re watching it you can’t turn down the volume or switch to the next channel. And that’s why this field has longevity. I still have fans coming after so many years later, to watch my plays. ”

Ask him whether he ever feels the pressure of being on social media, and Girish says, “I don’t but I do feel it’s a necessity these days. I feel like social media is helping us in a lot of ways. Our shows also get immense publicity this way. But at the same time, we all are so accessible these days due to our mobile phones that it can get stressful as well. ”

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