Exclusive: I Complete Agree With The Debate On Nepotism, Says Sakhi Gokhale

The Dil Dosti Duniyadaari actress however adds that people will view her as privileged, no matter how many auditions she gives.

A Still Of Dil Dosti Duniyadaari Actress Sakhi Gokhale

The topic of nepotism has taken the entertainment industry by a storm. While the practice is widespread in Bollywood where star kids are getting launched left, right and centre, it still hasn’t gathered pace in Marathi cinema, where most actors are self made. Some people are of the opinion that star kids are targeted easily and shouldn’t be under the microscope as they didn’t choose their surname and should be able to pursue their dream of acting. The other side however maintains that some star kids who aren’t talented, simply get roles because of their influential families and that’s unfair to outsiders. Sakhi Gokhale, who is the daughter of late actor Mohan Gokhale and actress Shubhangi Gokhale, says that she agrees with the debate on nepotism.

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The Dil Dosti Duniyadaari actress says that nepotism does exist and she can’t deny that. “When I began Dil Dosti, there were a lot of eyes on Swanandi (Tikekar, who is the daughter of Uday Tikekar) and me especially (because of our background). Swanandi would get called out a lot and people would question us about this (nepotism).”

Sakhi however suggests that star kids are sill viewed as privileged, despite the efforts and hard work that they put in. “How much ever we scream and shout and tell people that we auditioned thrice for a part, it’s not going to change things,” she says.

Talking about whether she faced pressure on living up to her parents’ stardom in Marathi cinema, Sakhi says, “In the beginning I did and it was a self-inflicted pressure. I don’t think anyone expected that out of me. Even if they did, people who were working with me never said that I have to live up to certain expectations. Now the pressure is not so much as people know me individually. Social media is so amazing that people can get to know you as a person. I like to keep my page as personal as possible. This is what this platform is for; I’m not here to tell you how plastic I am.” 

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