Dear Subodh Bhave, Please Never Shave Off That Beard!

"Let it grow, let it grow. Don't hold it back anymore."

Subodh Bhave caught candidly on Tula Pahate Re.

Whoever said, ‘men don’t need makeup‘ definitely didn’t know the magical powers of a beard. It can transform you even better than those layers of makeup that women do.  Luckily, the raging beard styles on social media are giving you a wide range of options to pick from.  If that isn’t enough, we even have Tula Pahate Re actor Subodh Bhave who is teaching us beard styles through his Instagram. On that note, let’s get started with your guide.

He looks dashing in the role of  Vikrant Saranjame on Tula Pahate Re

While essaying Vikrant Saranjame, we have seen him embrace various styles- from a clean-shaven look to full face beard.  In this post, we see him wearing a circle beard. If you are too lazy to maintain your facial hair but still want a beard, this low-key style is perfect.

Like his acting skills, we should be even celebrating his full face beard which makes him look sharp. We can assure you, a beard like this will modify you baby-cute-face into an adult-looking-face. So, prep yourself up for compliments that will go from “You are so cute” to “Hey, handsome!”

As we keep marvelling these beard styles on Subodh, it is hard to pick one of the two. Having a full-fledged beard can also be a tad bit time-consuming, but these days we have a market full of beard products catering to your needs. Irrespective of the style you choose, don’t forget to click a selfie and boast it proudly.

Which beard style are you opting to take inspiration from? We would love to know.

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