Crank Up Your Playlist With These Songs From Zala Bobhata

It’s time to revamp your playlist with these songs from Zala Bobhata for your next house party. Don't forget to dance like you have never before.

Dilip Prabhavalkar and Bhau Kadam on poster of Zala Bobhata.

Can you imagine a life without music? We, for one, can’t. Our bathroom singing sessions will come to a standstill without the new beats cranking up music from our phone speakers.

Obviously, what better way than to find new music checking out movies on ZEE5? Each of them has an interesting song which suits our different moods. Do we have your interest peaked at the pandora’s box we are about to open? (YAAASS!) On that note, here are dope songs from Zala Bobhata that you need to add to your playlist ASAP!

Watch our favourite Appa dance to these songs in Zala Bobhata on Zee5

1. Painjain

A still from the film Zala Bobhata.
A still from the film Zala Bobhata.

No playlist is ever complete without a love song. You see two youngsters falling in love for the first time. If you have craving some romance in your life, then, hit play on Painjain.

2. Zala Bobhata

A still from the film Zala Bobhata.
A still from the film Zala Bobhata.

It’s showtime for your favourite dance moves that you have spent hours practising in front of the mirror! Your next house party will be LIT (!!) while grooving to this song.

Dance like no one is watching in your best outfit and let us know in the comments which amongst the above is your favourite song.

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