Chi Va Chi Sau Ka’s Savitri Shows 5 Traits Of A True Vegetarian

Is paneer your best friend? Do you feel left out when your gang orders chicken biryani? Yes, we are talking to you, vegetarians!

Lalit Prabhakar and Mrinmayee Despande Chi Va Chi Sau Ka pose for a picture.
Being a vegetarian used to involve a lot of hard work. But, nowadays it is not difficult to give up meat, thanks to the sudden explosion of vegetarianism and veganism. The Marathi film, Chi Va Chi Sau Ka on ZEE5 captures the essence of being an animal lover and giving up on meat through,  Savitri’s character.

If you are vegetarian, then, here are things you might relate to!

Watch Savitri’s loyalty towards animals in Chi Va Chi Sau Ka

1. Vegetarians can be judgmental

In the initial phase, Savitri seemed judgmental about people’s habits; even the thought of non-veg makes her baulk. She couldn’t get in an auto whose driver was a non-vegetarian. However, as time passes she loosens up a bit. However, not all the vegetarians are like that!

2. They love animals

You have sworn loyalty towards the protection of all animals on this planet which will lead people to have preconceived notions about you. When you are in a social setting, people consider you to be an animal lover or a vet. Incidentally, Savitri is both!

3. You are very selective about people

Some vegetarians can’t stand non-veg around them. You can be very choosy about it associating with such people. This becomes difficult especially when you have a partner who is a hardcore non-veg lover.

4. You are prone to be tricked

When you are hanging out with your squad, your non-vegetarian friends can’t wrap their head around the fact that you have denounced meat for life. They will always take the best efforts to trick you into eating meat.

5. You are proud of your choices

There those moments when you find yourself to be a better person as you have abstained from having meat. It isn’t an easy choice, but you haven’t given in to the pressure and have become a better person.

Do you have a vegetarian bestie in your friend circle? Tell us in the comments.

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