Bhago Mohan Pyare: Mohan To Pamper Godbole Bai?

What is he going to do for her? Read the details inside to find out!

A Still From Bhago Mohan Pyare

In the recent episode of Bhago Mohan Pyare, we saw Mohan finally escaping from the clasp of Madhuvanti. She forces him into marrying her but their wedding ceremony gets interrupted by a man, who claims that he has arrived to protect Mohan. He traps Madhuvanti and tells Mohan to escape. The latter does so and returns to his lover, Godbole Bai. Mohan explains the situation to her and says that he is sorry for not having told her before. Now, the two are taking their relationship to the next level. The upcoming episode will show the romance budding between Mohan and his ladylove! 

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In the upcoming episode, we will see Mohan welcoming Godbole Bai in a special way. He will bring a food basket for her. As she will walk into her office, he will even pull out the chair for her and make her sit down. Godbole Bai will ask Mohan as to why he’s behaving this way and that she isn’t used to it. Mohan will add that she would have to get used to being pampered like this. Awww! The two will then share an intense eye contact and say it best, by saying nothing at all. Sweet!

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