Bhago Mohan Pyare: Are Mohan And Godbole Bai Going To Be In Major Trouble? Watch Video

Why are we saying so? Watch the promo inside to know all details!

A Still From Bhago Mohan Pyare

In the recent episode of Bhago Mohan Pyare, we saw a stranger greeting Mohan, and giving him a shell. He says he is here to protect him and Godbole Bai from Madhuvanti. The man tells Mohan that the shell will protect the two from Madhuvanti’s evil powers. Later, Madhuvanti meets Mohan and tries to manipulate him, saying that he should throw away the shell and the stranger that he met was just trying to play him. Mohan however catches Madhuvanti’s bluff and refuses to throw the shell away. He instead gives it to Godbole Bai.

Watch the latest episode from the show here.

But as the new promo suggests, looks like things will go according to Madhuvanti’s wishes yet again. Mohan decides to throw away the shell, saying that he doesn’t require it anymore. What happens next? Watch here.

He convinces Godbole Bai to get rid of the shell too. Madhuvanti gets happy thinking that now no one can stop her from ruining Godbole’s life. Will Mohan succeed in saving her? Will he be able to stop Madhuvanti? Stay tuned for all the updates here!

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