Alimili Gupchili Host Snehlata Vasaikar Is A Fitness Freak And These Videos Are Proof

Watch the Alimili Gupchili host talk about her fitness routine

Alimili Gupchili hosted by Atul Parchure and Snehlata Vasaikar is a family-based reality show. The hosts are seen inviting Marathi TV celebrities along with their little kids. Fun games like choosing animal masks for each other and rapid fire questions are played by both the parents and children. The kids also dance and make merry along with their parents. But the most fun part involves them spilling their parents’ secrets!

Watch an episode of the show here.

The show is hosted to perfection by Atul, who was last seen in Bhago Mohan Pyare. And he is complemented well by Snehlata, who played Soyrabai in Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji. The actress has also acted in various short films as well as plays. Snehlata has amazing acting skills and her hobby is to stay fit!

In the video that the actress shared on her social media, you can see her lifting crazy weights. Snehlata likes to frequent the gym and loves to try new workouts. Watch her talk about her fitness routine here.

The actress is married and has a daughter as well. Well, it is tough to believe it, given the physique that she has managed to maintain! She includes various different types of workouts in her routine.

From lifting weights, Zumba and Pilates, this fitness diva has done it all. What are your thoughts upon this? Let us know in the comments below.

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