Agga Bai Sasubai: Soham To Work With Abhijeet At His Restaurant? Watch Promo

Abhijeet decides to make Soham work at his restaurant to make him realise the importance of hard work. Will this bring a change in Soham's behaviour?

A Still From Agga Bai Sasubai (1)

Zee Marathi‘s family drama Agga Bai Sasubai is the story about a middle-aged couple Abhijeet and Asawari who are balancing their personal life post their marriage. Asawari’s son Soham, who is jealous of the two, likes to trouble them. He even takes advantage of Asawari’s naive nature and behaves in a childish manner in every situation. On the other hand, his wife Shubhra is shown to be much more logical in her approach compared to Soham and likes to shoulder responsibilities.

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

The popularity of the show skyrocketed when Asawari finally confronted Soham and slapped him for misbehaving with Shubhra. It was a huge turning point in the story as Asawari took a stand for her daughter-in-law Shubhra. However, Shubhra’s humiliation didn’t end here as Soham made her sleep outside on the couch. This troubled Shubhra so much that she decided to speak about it with Abhijeet. The latter decided to help her and shifted to Asawari’s place. Shubhra and Abhijeet then planned to teach Soham a lesson. In the recent episode, Soham made Asawari realise that Abhijeet has been given a tag of being a house-husband. This irked Asawari so much that she decided to confront Abhijeet. The latter, however, asked Asawari to not worry about it as he himself knows what he’s here for and doesn’t care what people think. Later, Soham decided to take it a step further by gifting Abhijeet a set of bangles to hurt his ego. On the other hand, Abhijeet handled the situation with grace, saying that he loved them and his wife Asawari can use them anytime she pleases. A while later, Shubhra’s parents visit Asawari’s house much to everyone’s surprise. What are they here for? Stay tuned to know more!

Meanwhile, watch this latest promo to know what’s about to unfold next in the show.

In the promo, we see that Shubhra’s parents have decided to confront Abhijeet and Asawari on Soham’s whereabouts. Shubhra’s father asks Abhijeet what Soham is up to. Abhijeet covers up by announcing that Soham will be working at his restaurant, Abhi’s Kitchen from the next day. Soham is bewildered to hear this and asks Abhijeet what he would do there. The latter tells Soham to learn a few things from him. Abhijeet then reveals that in the future, Soham will have to look after the restaurant all by himself. Soham is overjoyed and thanks Abhijeet by hugging him. Later, Abhijeet reminds Asawari how he had promised to make Soham realise the importance of hard work. Asawari looks pleased to hear this.

Will Soham change for good? Stay tuned to find out!

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