Agga Bai Sasubai 30 January 2020 Written Update: Soham Ruins Asawari – Abhijeet’s Plan?

In tonight's episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, Soham pretends to have a fever in order to ruin Abhijeet-Asawari's plans. Find out all the details inside.

In this episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we see Shubhra calling up Ajoba, to check up on him. Maddy picks up the call as Ajoba is busy playing carrom. She then hangs up Shubhra’s call abruptly because she wants to enjoy the match. Just then, the doorbell at Soham’s house rings. Maddy goes to the door and receives the Pizza, that she had ordered. Meanwhile, at Rajasthan, Shubhra and Soham surprise Asawari-Abhijeet by turning up at their hotel. Asawari is glad to see them. Soham confesses that he misses her a lot and therefore decided to surprise them by coming here. Shubhra says that it was all Soham’s plan to book a tour to Rajasthan and she didn’t know anything about it. Soham then says that they will continue on their own and asks Abhijeet and Asawari to carry on. Abhijeet forces them to accompany them on the tour. Shubhra says that they should enjoy their privacy and let them enjoy theirs. Soham agrees to stay with them after Abhijeet’s constant nagging. He is secretly happy as his plan to ruin Abhijeet and Asawari’s vacation has been put into action.

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After a while, Soham compliments Abhijeet-Asawari‘s room and says that he likes it, more than his own. He tries to stay there to invade Abhijeet-Asawari’s privacy. Shubhra then pulls Soham along with her and exits the room. Later, Asawari tells Abhijeet that Soham hasn’t liked his room and requests him to switch rooms with her son. Soham is happy knowing that Abhijeet has agreed to fulfill Asawari’s wish. A while later, Abhijeet and Asawari get ready to go to Chittorgarh fort and decide to take Soham-Shubhra along. Meanwhile, Soham pretends to have fever to prevent them from going on the tour. Abhijeet decides to not go anywhere as Soham is ill. He tells Shubhra that they will together, take care of Soham.

What more sinister plans will Soham come up with to invade Abhijeet and Asawari’s privacy? Stay tuned to find out!