Agga Bai Sasubai 30 January 2020 Preview: Abhijeet-Asawari Switch Rooms With Soham-Shubhra

Why do they do so? Find out inside.

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai 9

In the previous episode, we see Abhijeet and Asawari having the time of their lives on their vacation. They both then enjoy a camel ride where Abhijeet laughs at a horrified Asawari. On the other hand, Soham and Shubhra reach Rajasthan. She is angry at him for not letting her know that they are going to Rajasthan. Soham replies by saying that he missed his mother and wanted to surprise her. Shubhra asks him to not disturb their privacy. Soham agrees but says that they should at least inform her. He then calls her mother up from the hotel’s phone and tells her that there is a problem with her luggage. A worried Asawari tells this to Abhijeet and they both rush back to the hotel.

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In the upcoming episode, we see Asawari and Abhijeet surprised to find Shubhra and Soham at the same hotel, as they are staying in. Asawari says that she was already missing both of them. Soham then says that he was glad to meet them but will now continue the tour on their own and let Abhijeet-Asawari enjoy their time together. Abhijeet asks Soham and Shubhra to accompany them on the tour. After a while, Asawari tells Abhijeet that Soham has liked their room more than his own, and asks him if they can switch rooms with Soham-Shubhra. Abhijeet agrees to it and tells her that he is ready to stay with her in a hut too.

Will Soham’s attempt to ruin Abhijeet-Asawari’s vacation, work? To find out, watch Agga Bai Sasubai now on ZEE5