Agga Bai Sasubai 27 February 2020 Written Update: Abhijeet To Help Asawari

In tonight's episode, we see Abhijeet promising to help Asawari sort the problems between her and Soham. Find out the details inside.

A Still From Agga Bai Sasubai

In the recent episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we see Asawari reminds Soham that the blanket was made out of her saree and was the latter’s favorite. Soham reveals that the blanket isn’t his favorite blanket as he doesn’t consider Asawari as his mother anymore. Soham reminds her that she’s now married to Abhijeet. Soham then asks Shubhra to make a doormat out of the blanket. Shubhra bashes him for being rude towards his mother Asawari. After a while, Asawari packs the blanket in a box and says that she also needs to pack her motherly love in the box. Shubhra says that relationships have to be maintained and cannot be broken so easily when one wishes to. She tells Asawari that it’s her duty as a mother to scold Soham and make her realize that only she can correct Soham’s behavior. She then asks Asawari bash to Soham and teach him a lesson.

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After a while, Soham gets hurt while doing something and Asawari rushes to help him. She then bandages the wound carefully. Soham tells her to not worry about him. On the other hand, Shubhra asks Asawari to scold Soham and be mean with him to make him realize that he’s behaving wrong. Shubhra tells Asawari that the latter should have at least given Soham a beating. A while later, Asawari calls Abhijeet who’s busy cooking in his hotel. Asawari, however, hangs up the call as she cannot hold back tears. Abhijeet notices that something’s wrong with Asawari and visits her the next morning. Abhijeet tries to lighten the mood and asks if Asawari wants to go for a movie. Later, Pradnya comes inside Soham’s house and notices that Abhijeet is present there. She then suggests to Soham that they should go out and asks for Asawari’s permission. Soham taunts Asawari and says that why would Abhijeet’s wife have a problem with them going out. Soham accompanies Pradnya as they step out of the house angrily. Asawari asks if Abhijeet noticed how Soham behaved with her. Abhijeet asks her to not worry as he is there to care of Asawari. He promises that Soham would call Asawari his mother before the next day comes to an end. Asawari is relieved to hear this.

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