Agga Bai Sasubai 23 January 2020 Written Update: Soham Troubles Asawari; Latter Gets Upset

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In this episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we see that Asawari and Abhijeet have settled themselves in the room and are asleep. Suddenly, Asawari wakes up and starts sobbing in the middle of the night. Hearing her cry, Abhijeet wakes up to inquire about what’s wrong. Asawari tells him that she is really missing her family members and tells him to take her home. This shocks Abhijeet, but he agrees nontheless.

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They reach Asawari’s home and her happiness knows no bounds. She tells Abhijeet to have a seat, till she completes all the household chores. Abhijeet doesn’t know how to react, as its 3 am. He just nods in affirmation to everything that Asawari says. She starts preparing Paneer Burji for Soham. Meanwhile, Abhijeet manages to take a nap on the chair. At that time, the doorbell rings, and Abhijeet wakes up to open the door. He finds the milkman on the other side, who is looking suspiciously at him. Asawari takes the milk and makes coffee for Abhijeet, who takes another nap on the sofa. By now, Ajoba has also woken up. He is surprised and happy to see Asawari, when she brings him his tea. Asawari then goes to Abhijeet, to give him coffee, and finds him asleep on the sofa. She gently puts a blanket on him and when she is about to leave, Abhijeet catches her wrist and they stare at each other lovingly.

They soon come back home. Asawari falls asleep and Abhijeet prepares breakfast for her. He tries to wake her up but ends up scaring her. During this, Abhijeet gets a scratch on this cheek, as Asawari hits him by mistake. While Asawari drinks her tea made by Abhijeet, he leaves no chance to flirt with her.

Meanwhile back home, Soham is opening the gifts that he received during the wedding. At that time, his friend Akshay visits him, to show off his new mobile phone. He also makes Soham miss Asawari, by narrating how he lived like a king, when his mother was present at home. He tries to tease Soham which makes the latter angry.He tells Akshay saying that he is his mother’s priority. To prove the same, he calls his mother and tells her, that he misses her dearly. Asawari decides to meet her son immediately.

Will Soham continuously disturb his mother’s married life by calling her for petty reasons? To find out, watch Agga Bai Sasubai only on Zee5.