Agga Bai Sasubai 21 January 2020 Written Update: Shubhra Plans A Surprise For Asawari

Shubhra and Maddy have a special surprise for Abhijeet and Asawari. What is it? Find out!

In today’s episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we will see the beginning of a new chapter for the newlyweds, Asawari and Abhijeet. When Ajoba and Soham reach home, the former calls out to Asawari-due to his force of habit- for a glass of water. He is sad when he realises that she doesn’t live with them anymore. Soham still isn’t happy with Asawari-Abhijeet’s marriage and blames Ajoba for the same. The newlyweds, on the other hand, are all set to embark upon their new journey, by seeking blessings from Asawari’s Kaka and Kaki. Asawari is still quite concerned about Ajoba and asks for Abhijeet’s cell phone, to call him.

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Abhijeet had already bought a few surprise gifts for Asawari and she was quite taken aback and touched to know that these included an ATM card, property papers, passbook and most importantly, a mobile phone. Asawari gets emotional and says she doesn’t need all this. Abhijeet, however, urges her to accept the gifts and ensures that half the profit of the restaurant, will be credited to her account. Asawari still disagrees and seeing her behaviour, Abhijeet explains that he prefers ‘anadi saunsar’ over ‘sukhi saunsar’ and for that to happen, she should accept the gifts. Overhearing this, Shubhra truly feels that Asawari is the luckiest woman to have gotten Abhijeet as her partner and hands her a pen, to sign the property papers. Asawari then manages to call Ajoba from her own phone and shows concerns about his health. She tells him to have hot water to cure his throat and tablets to relieve the joint pain. Ajoba starts sobbing, as he misses his beloved daughter-in-law.

Abhijeet takes Asawari for a house tour, starting with her favourite place i.e. the kitchen. Asawari loves the kitchen and feels like a kid in a candy shop. Shubhra makes fun of Asawari, as she asks her to leave, to take care of Ajoba. At the same time, Maddy comes in and Shubhra goes to see the other rooms with her. It’s obvious that they have planned some surprise for the couple. Abhijeet takes the bride to another room and lets her know, that he has kept it spare, for Ajoba. This makes Asawari emotional yet again. When she enters her and Abhijeet’s room, she finds it decorated with beautiful balloons. Asawari learns that Shubhra and Maddy had taken care of the decorations, and is touched.  She and Abhijeet rejoice and cherish this moment.

Meanwhile back home, Ajoba’s knees begin paining and he asks Soham to massage them. Soham, however, denies to do so and offers Ajoba a painkiller as a cure. The latter is very disappointed with Soham’s behaviour and starts missing Asawari.

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