Agga Bai Sasubai 10 February 2020 Written Update: Will Shubra Be Able To Find Ajoba?

In tonight's episode, we see Ajoba going through a phase of memory loss and getting lost on his way to the hospital. Find out the details inside.

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai

In tonight’s episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we see Ajoba telling Soham that he has the doctor’s appointment for the day and asks him where Shubhra is. Soham tells him that Shubhra left in a hurry as she had an important presentation at work. Soham then tells him that he himself would take Ajoba to the doctor. A while later, Soham gets up in a hurry to go somewhere while Ajoba reminds him that he was supposed to take the latter to the doctor. Ajoba is sad that he has to be dependant on someone because of his old age.

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Meanwhile, we see Ajoba trying to call Soham who seems to be busy at a restaurant with Pradnya and her friends. Pradnya then convinces Soham to stay with them for a while. At Abhijeet’s house, we see Asawari asking Abhijeet how she would pass her time alone in the house. Abhijeet suggests her to go to the market and tells her that he would drop her on the way.

Later, Ajoba is struggling to remember why he left the house in the first place. The rickshaw driver tries to reach Ajoba’s pocket to look for an ID. To this, Ajoba reacts weirdly and calls the rickshaw driver a thug. A crowd gathers around them as Ajoba starts screaming. Meanwhile, two young boys try to dupe Ajoba by pretending that they know him. After a while, Abhijeet accompanies Asawari to the market for purchasing vegetables. Later, we see Soham getting angry because Ajoba left the house without his knowledge. Ajoba, on the other hand, is being lured by the two boys who seem to be devising an evil plan to dupe him. Meanwhile, a worried Shubhra calls up the doctor to check if Ajoba is at the hospital. She is shocked to hear that Ajoba missed the appointment as he was not present there.

Will Shubra be able to find Ajoba? Catch the latest episodes of Agga Bai Sasubai exclusively on ZEE5.