Aamhi Saare Khavayye: Learn To Make Orange Puri

With merely 5 ingredients, this recipe is the best. We dedicate this to all the Khavayye's from the Orange city Nagpur.

Orange Puri

Do you love oranges? If you are a fan of the fruit and flavour, we are sure, you might have tried orange barfi or ice cream. But have you ever tried Orange Puri? Today our expert chef of Aamhi Saare Khavayye is showing us the recipe of Orange Puri. Without much ado, let’s get started.

Watch this recipe below:

Cooking time: 25 mins


  • 1 glass orange juice
  • 1 bowl wheat flour
  • 1 tbsp mango pulp
  • 2 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp oil
Orange Puri Ingredients
Source: ZEE5


  • Take a bowl and add 1 glass orange juice.
  • Add 2 tbsp powdered sugar.
  • Add 1 tbsp mango pulp
  • Add 1 bowl wheat flour and make a dough.
  • Now make small puri’s.
  • Take a kadai and heat oil in it.
  • Deep fry the puris.
  • Serve these puris with garlic chutney

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