9 Things We Did In Our School Days That’ll Make You Relate To Chaani- Balu’s Life In Pipsi

Here's a nostalgic trip for you to enjoy on a rainy day. Pics inside!

1. Playing Flames

A Still Of Game Flames
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Pipsi starring Maithli Patwardhan and Sahil Joshi tells the story of Balu and Chaani, who do everything in their power to save the latter’s ailing mother. A story that they come across makes them believe that if they keep a fish alive, they can save Chaani’s mother. But doing the same proves to be a task in their village which is severely drought-stricken.

Watch the whole film here.

Chaani and Balu are school going kids and there are several scenes of the two in their uniform or in class. Their school life takes us back to some typical things that most of us did during school days. Let us take you down memory lane starting with Flames! If you say you’ve never played this game, we’d say you’re lying. Remember how we would play Flames on the back of our notebooks and randomly start teasing a boy and girl to get them awkward?

2. Indulging in pen fights

A Still Of Game Pen Fight
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This was probably one of the most fun games that kept us busy during boring lectures. It was all about whose pen survives on the table. It was more like Kabaddi , except you play with pens and don’t move from your bench at all!

3. Hitting your classmates with wet handkerchiefs

A Still Of Handkerchiefs
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This was more of a game for all the rowdy boys in class. If you don’t remember this game, let us jog your memory; this game involved making a handkerchief wet, twisting it and then hitting your classmate with it. Trust us, it’s as painful as it sounds. Maybe the pain has brought back your memory?

4. Acting cool by smoking candy cigarettes

A Still Of Candy Cigarettes
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How bad did we all want to smoke during our childhood right? It was the easiest and fastest way to “look cool.” But Phantom understood our needs and came up with these delicious candy cigarettes that we would have all day, everyday. And these were extra special for girls who would take the red end of the cigarette and use it to colour their lips. Guilty? Well, so are we!

5. Make endless landline calls to your bestie during exams

A Still Of A Landline Phone
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Exam time was the most stressful and we would share the misery with our bestie. Remember making those endless landline calls to your BFF and discussing how much of the syllabus he/she has covered? And remember panicking like crazy when you learn that your friend is way ahead of you? Yeah, us too.

6. Sharing lunch during the break

A Still Of Lunchboxes
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Lunch break was the best time during school hours. Agreed? And how cool was it to share lunch with your close friends! Give us a virtual high five if you too cried out of happiness when your Mom gave you Maggi in your dabba.

7. Setting the school bag

A Still Of A School Bag
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Setting the school bag was a major and important event during school days. All the notebooks had to go as per the timetable because god forbid you forget your book and make that khadoos teacher of yours angry again!

8. Polishing shoes

A Still Of School Shoes
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No matter how much water we used to cover the dust marks on our shoes last minute during assembly, they just wouldn’t go would they? So we religiously started polishing our shoes to save ourselves from that dreaded punishment line, right?

9. Covering notebooks

A Still Of A School Notebook
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Do you remember these signature style notebooks that were our faithful companions during all of school? We had to cover these with the same coloured paper and that’s when we loved our Moms the most. We know you did it too!

Do you have any other memory you would like to add? Post your thoughts in the comments section! Watch Pipsi above and tell us what you think about the film.

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