7 Signs To Spot A Liar Like Vikrant Saranjame From Tula Pahate Re

Did you know there are ways that you can tell if someone is lying? Check out details inside!

1. Taking long pauses

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Subodh Bhave plays Vikrant Saranjame in Zee Marathi’s popular show Tula Pahate Re. He is conniving soul, probably sent down from hell. Vikrant is a liar and a killer, but his manipulative ways have made his family and friends believe that he’s a saint.

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Well Vikrant may be a skilled liar but if his wife Isha (Gayatri Datar) had been paying attention to detail, she could have spotted that he has been fooling her all along. Yes, there are ways to tell if one’s lying and one sign is when the person takes long pauses while telling a story.

Liars are obviously telling a made up story, hence when they take long gaps or pause a lot to think about what to say, you can tell that something’s not right.

2. Shifting of eyes

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Some research suggests that if a person looks to the left a lot, he or she may be lying. This is because one is trying to construct a story, as opposed to looking to the right, where one usually tries to remember an incident. Also, if a person is not looking directly at you while talking, it could be a sign of lying.

3. Over gesticulating

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When one is lying, they try to cover the anxiety by being over-expressive and using his or her hands a lot to accompany their storytelling. Think about it, haven’t you spotted Vikrant doing this a lot in the show?

4. Change in rone

A Still Of Subodh Bhave From Tula Pahate Re
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Liars usually become high-pitched, when asked a question. They can also suddenly start talking in a low and calm voice as they add details to their story.

5. Becoming still

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If you catch a liar off guard, notice how he or she suddenly becomes still. This is a natural reaction by the body to anxiety.

6. Expressions fail to match words

A Still Of Subodh Bhave From Tula Pahate Re
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You can tell something is off when a person is saying something, but the body is telling you a different story. Observing the body language is key to spot a liar. For example, if you gift something something and they say they love it, their body language also should match the statement. If they are frowning or there’s a change in their voice, you know they might be lying.

7. Adding excessive details

A Still Of Subodh Bhave From Tula Pahate Re
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As liars build up their story, they tend to add excessive and unwanted details to make their story believable. Watch out for this sign!

So, now that you have all the information, would you be able to spot a liar successfully? Tell us a silly lie that you have ever told, in the comments section below.

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