6 Scenes From Ashi Hi Aashiqui That Show Swayam And Amarja’s Adorable Chemistry, View Pics

Abhinay Berde and Hemal Ingle share amazing chemistry in the film that you can't miss. Here are 6 best scenes of the couple. Check out inside!

1. When Swayam and Amarja meet for the first time

A Still From Ashi Hi Aashiqui
Source: ZEE5

Sachin Pilgaonkar’s Ashi Hi Aashiqui is a heartwarming story of two youngsters who fall in love and undergo tragic circumstances together. Whether they end up together or not is for you to find out by watching the film. But what we can confirm for you is the adorable chemistry that actors Abhinay Berde and Hemal Ingle share in the film

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There are many scenes that boast of their great pairing starting with this one where Swayam and Amarja meet for the first time. In no time, the two bond at a college party and even share a small dance together. How cute!

2. When Swayam and Amarja spend the night together

A Still From Ashi Hi Aashiqui
Source: ZEE5

Certain circumstances lead Swayam into spending the night at Amarja’s house. Now we know what you may be thinking but on the contrary, the two simply talks for hours! This is beautiful scene where Swayam and Amarja get to know each other better and he realises that he has developed feelings for her. There’s nothing like young love right?

3. When Swayam is smitten by Amarja

Source: ZEE5

After coming to terms with his feelings for Amarja, Swayam is jittery around her and that’s evident in this scene. She walks in at a party and Swayam can’t take her eyes off her. This scene will instantly remind you of your first crush and those butterflies in your stomach!

4. Swayam and Amarja take a trip

A Still From Ashi Hi Aashiqui
Source: ZEE5

In this scene, Amarja is dressed to impress in a gorgeous blue attire and we can see Swayam’s heart skipping a beat when he sees her. He greets her with flowers and the two embark on their trip together. What happens next will shock you so don’t miss this scene!

5. Swayam and Amarja get married

A Still From Ashi Hi Aashiqui
Source: ZEE5

Amarja and Swayam find themselves caught in a situation where getting married seems the most sensible thing to do, despite their young age. The two lovers take the plunge and here we see them spending their first night together after marriage. The nervousness and tension that the characters face here is sweet and adorable.

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