5 Ways In Which Isha Can Seek Revenge From Vikrant In Tula Pahate Re

We suggest five things that Isha can do to seek justice for Rajanandini. Check out details inside!

Gayatri Datar and Subodh Bhave in a scene from Tula Pahate Re

Zee Marathi’s hit show Tula Pahate Re has reached an interesting turn where Isha has discovered the truth about Vikrant. She has finally found out that it was Vikrant who murdered Rajanandini and Dadasaheb. She now knows that her husband is a liar and has been manipulating the Saranjame family since a long time. Isha has sworn to seek revenge from Vikrant and has already made her first move by making Jaydeep the head of the Saranjame group. We are waiting to see what she does next.

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Till the time Isha makes her next move, here are five ways we think she can get back at Vikrant.

1. Take Jalindar’s help 

Jalindar is one of the many people whose life has been destroyed by Vikrant. Isha had believed Vikrant’s story when he told her that Jalindar was a fraud and tried to put him (Vikrant) in jail. But the truth is the other way round and now that Isha knows it, she can ask Jalinder to come forward and tell his story to Vikrant.

2. Dress up and talk like Rajanandini

A Still Of Isha And Rajnandini From Tula Pahate Re
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Isha has already dreamed about Rajanandini and knows fully well how she looked and behaved. To throw Vikrant completely off his game, Isha can dress up like her and behave the same way. This will leave Vikrant flabbergasted and maybe trap him to admit to his crimes.

3. Take Jaydeep and Sonya in her confidence 

Jaydeep and Sonya are already concerned about Isha’s behaviour as Rajanandini. But she can tell them about what she has seen in her dream and seek their help. She can take them in her confidence and seek their help to get back at Vikrant.

4. Approach the police 

scene from Tula Pahate Re (3)
Source: ZEE5

This is the most direct way in which she can build pressure on Vikrant to plead guilty. She can take whatever proof she has and approach the police to take immediate action.

5. She can confront Vikrant with the support of the Saranjame family 

Isha may not have a lot of proof, but she can always tell the truth to all members of the Saranjame family, including Aaisaheb, and confront Vikrant with their support. If a lot of people ask him the truth at once, he may not be able to find a way to escape.

Which of these tricks do you think will be the most useful? Tell us in the comments section below!

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