5 Twists That May Unfold In Vikrant Saranjame And Isha Nimkar’s Life On Tula Pahate Re

We are rooting for the conspiracy theory #3. Tell us your best guess!

Poster Of Tula Pahte Re Featuring Subodh Bhave and Gaytri Datar

Lately, social media has been abuzz with theories spinning around Tula Pahate Re. Given the gripping storyline and surprising twists, it deserves all the fame. In the show, what completely stole our attention was how Subodh Bhave’s character Vikrant Saranjame took a sudden turn. We were really curious and came across a few twists on social media.

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Like us, if you have been guessing about what happens next of Tula Pahate Re, we have listed a few things for you. (Spoilers alert)

Could Isha be Rajanandini’s rebirth?

Vikrant is trying to convince everyone that Isha is Rajanandini’s rebirth, without believing so himself. But, what if Isha really is her rebirth? Isha gets nightmares on the night when Rajanandini died. She and Rajanandini score the same percentage in graduation. Is this just a coincidence as Vikrant says?

Vikrant is more sinister than you thought

We all know Vikrant’s first wife Rajanandini died. But, the suspense around her death hasn’t been disclosed. TThere is buzz that Vikrant and Jalinder, who is apparently Rajanandini’s brother, get into a fight. As Rajanandini intervenes, Vikrant kills her accidentally.

Vikrant and Jaydeep are brothers by choice

The reason Vikrant is insecure because he is adopted while Jaydeep is a true born heir. This also explains why Vikrant is so many years older than Jaydeep.

Jaydeep is the true owner of the Saranjame Industries

Vikrant is just taking care of the Sarnajame business as Jaydeep doesn’t have the maturity. But, Jaydeep being the real son is the owner of the entire Saranjame estate. This could also explain why Vikrant is encouraging Jaydeep and his start-up ideas.

Isha has taken Rajanandini’s eyes

Isha was born sometime after Rajanandini dies. But, she was blind. She was able to see because of the eyes donated by Rajanandini. This justifies the name of the show ‘Tula Pahate Re’ as a sign that Rajanandini is alive through Isha’s eyes. Even in the title track, we see a zoomed in version of Rajanandini’s eyes.

Which amongst one the above theories is plausible according to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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