5 Revelations Made By Agga Bai Sasubai’s Asawari, Shubhra And Abhijeet During Their Chat

Here's what Tejashri Pradhan, Nivedita Saraf and Girish Oak said during their Facebook live chat with fans. Details inside!

1. Nivedita Saraf reveals she was nervous about playing Asawari

A Still From Agga Bai Sasubai
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Zee Marathi’s new show Agga Bai Sasubai starring Nivedita Saraf, Tejashri Pradhan and Girish Oak has already become a hit with the masses. The show sheds light on the deep bond that Asawari (Nivedita) shares with her daughter-in-law Shubhra (Tejashri) and how the former-a widow- finds love again with celebrity chef Abhijeet (Girish)

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The show is being liked for its refreshing and progressive content. The cast members got together for a live chat with fans and made some interesting revelations. Nivedita spoke about how nervous she was playing Asawari and was unsure about how the audiences will receive the show. She adds that she is nervous before any project of hers but was especially so with Agga Bai, considering how unique a concept it is. 

2. Girish says he took lessons from a real chef for his role

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai
Source: ZEE5

Girish plays celebrity chef Abhijeet Raje in the serial and is big on method acting. Hence, to prepare for his character, the actor spent a whole day with a real chef and understood the mannerisms. Talk about dedication!

3. Tejashri feels honoured to play such a progressive role

A Still Of Tejashree Pradhan
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Tejashri plays Shubhra in the serial, who is a confident and independent woman. During the chat, the actress speaks about how she’s honored to play such a role. She also adds that this show is a good mix of progressive thinking as well as preserving traditions. 

4, Nivedita reveals that she pampers her husband Ashok more than her son

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Nivedita’s character Asawari is extremely protective of his son Soham in the serial and pampers him silly. When asked whether she’s the same in real-life with her own son Aniket, the actress admits that she’s this way more with her husband Ashok Saraf! Nivedita says that he’s like a grown up kid that she has to take care of. She further reveals that her son Aniket is a dessert chef by profession. How cool is that!

5. Nivedita discusses the casts's different backgrounds

A Scene From Agga Bai Sasubai
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Interestingly, Nivedita, Girish and Tejashri all come from different acting backgrounds. The former is known for her experience in theatre while Tejashri comes from television and Girish from films. When asked about how all the actors balance their different backgrounds, Nivedita says that when they are together, it doesn’t matter who comes from where because ultimately it’s about the experience of working together. She adds that their backgrounds are not compartmentalised as such.

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