5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Man Pakharu Pakharu In Your Next Break

The actors Prashant Damle, Subodh Bhave and others make sure that this movie remains etched in your memory.

1. Limelight on a lesser known issue

A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.
A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.

There are movies that make the audience laugh. There are movies that move mountains. Then, there are movies that do both at one go. Falling in the last category, we have Man Pakharu Pakharu directed by Ankush Bhatt.

Watch the movie below, before you proceed ahead:

In the time of getting the first place in every competition, having a flaw has been frowned upon by society. Playing with this dangerous fire of imperfection, Man Pakharu Pakharu brings into limelight the issues faced by the patients going through a neurological disorder.

2. Humorous

A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.

Man Paharu Pakharu grabs our attention with Prashant Damle’s humour to Mohan Joshi’s strictness. In Dr Pandit’s character, his humour keeps this heavy boat of emotions afloat while not being too much for the audience. And… very subtly (while you are laughing at his jokes) he will teach you important life lessons, too.

3. Dives into the medicinal field

A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.
A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.

Usually, when we see a handicapped person, we feel sorry and move our way, never giving a thought to what happens to that patient later. But, have you thought about the doctors who practically live with the mentally and physically challenged people?

The smallest improvements in their form are a reason to celebrate for these doctors who have strived for bettering their patients’ lives. Man Pakharu Pakharu celebrates such deformity instead of cashing on the social stigma.

4. Romance

A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.
A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.

Now, taking one step back from the serious issues, Girija Oak and Subodh Bhave’s characters‘ romance is adorable and the one to watch out for. Instead of just jumping into the relationship, the story slowly builds their chemistry and feelings for each other. By the end of it, you would be cheering for their relationship.

5. Star Cast

A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.
A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.

If you are one of those movie buffs who will watch a film based on the star cast, then, Man Pakharu Pakharu won’t disappoint you. A special (and a huge) round of applause to Sachin Pilgaonkar’s disabled character Sarang. Then, after seeing Subodh Bhave, Mohan Joshi, Girija Oak and Prashant Damle, it seems like these characters are built for them. For this success, you could blame their artistic ability to camouflage into any role.

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