5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni

The film starring Subodh Bhave and Kranti Redkar, is full of values, that we can imbibe to lead a better life. Read on!

1. Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Kranti Redkar As Kasturi In Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Kranti Redkar as Kasturi in Kiran Kulkarni as Kiran Kulkarni

Kranti Redkar is seen as a crook in the popular Marathi film Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni, also starring Subodh Bhave. She is involved in credit card frauds and takes the identity of the person she is stealing from. Though she is indulging in wrong deeds, there’s a kind side to her that you can’t help but love.

Watch this heartwarming scene in the film here.

The one minute we see her stealing and living a lavish life and the other, the character is shown sacrificing her time and money to help the needy. There’s a scene in the film where Kranti aka Kiran sits down to enjoy a meal but is interrupted by a bunch of beggars. She asks them to join her and buys them a scrumptious meal. 

The film is a reminder that people may appear to be a certain way but are completely different in reality. Hence, as they say, don’y judge a book by it’s cover.

2. Spend Time With Your Family

Subodh Bhave In Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Subodh Bhave in Kiran Kulkarni vs Kiran Kulkarni

In the film, Subodh Bhave plays Kiran Kulkarni, an ambitious lad, who works hard and spends extra hours in the office. But his achievements at work come at the cost of ignoring his personal and family life. There’s a scene where Kiran’s wife hosts a party for their daughter Pari and is furious when her husband doesn’t show up on time as he’s stuck at work.

Kiran eventually makes it but has to hear an earful from Pallavi. She curses his long hours at office and points out that earning so much money makes no sense, if you can’t enjoy it with your family. This conversation is an eye-opener as it makes us reflect upon the hectic lives we all lead and how we often forget to spend time with our loved- ones. Family after all is everything, right?

3. Be Alert And Cautious

Priya Marathe In Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Priya Marathe in Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni

Credit card frauds are a common occurrence today and Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni makes us aware of the same. There’s a scene where Pallavi- played by Priya Marathe– gives out her credit card details including card number, CVV number, pin number, upon getting a fraud call without realizing the pickle she is putting herself in. The film teaches citizens to beware and not divulge their details, at any given situation.

4. Live Life To The Fullest

Kranti Redkar As Kasturi In Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Kranti Redkar as Kasturi in Kiran Kulkarni as Kiran Kulkarni

Kiran and Kasturi find themselves in tricky situations, and yet, the latter never loses hope. She is positive and spirited. Kasturi also makes light of situations, which helps her stay calm and happy. There’s a scene in the film where Kiran and Kasturi are stuck in a jungle and he complains of not having signal on his cell phone. Kasturi points out that it’s a blessing since he’s so often consumed by his phone. The film teaches us to live in the present and take in each and every moment.

5. Be Compassionate Towards People

Subodh Bhave And Kranti Redkar In Kiran Kulkrani Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Subodh Bhave and Kranti Redkar in Kiran Kulkrani vs Kiran Kulkarni

Kasturi leads a lonely life and doesn’t have many friends. She deals with self- image issues and is often seen slipping into self-doubt. It is Kiran’s friendship that makes her love herself. Despite being conned by Kasturi, he realizes that she’s a gem of a person who resorts to her vice, out of loneliness. He extends a hand of friendship and makes her realize that she is special. Kiran is compassionate towards Kasturi and it’s one quality that can make the world a much better place. Wouldn’t you agree?

Which of these life-lessons do you consider as the most important? Tell us in the comments section below!

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