5 Important Life Lessons Sonalee Kulkarni’s Hampi Teaches Us

The film is directed by Prakash Kunte. More details inside!

1. Don't take life too seriously

Hampi starring Sonalee Kulkarni and Lalit Prabhakar, tells the story of a troubled girl Isha, who travels to the ancient village in Karnataka, to look for answers to some pressing questions. She meets Kabir, a spirited man who teaches her to see the positive side of life.

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The film teaches many lessons starting with the fact that most of us take life very seriously and shouldn’t. Kabir’s character highlights that it’s important to have fun and go with the flow, to enjoy life.

2. Gratefulness

A Still From Hampi
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It’s important to appreciate the smallest of things in life and be grateful for what we have. Isha tends to complain about the things missing in her life and Kabir keeps encouraging on all that she has and is privileged to have them.

3. Self- reflection

It’s only after a lot of soul-searching that Isha is able to understand her purpose in life. Hampi teaches us that it’s important to self-introspect to grow and learn. 

4. It's okay to be human

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You don’t need to keep it together all the time. Hampi is a reminder that it’s okay to be vulnerable as after all, we are all only human.

5. Accept your feelings

Poster Of Hampi
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Isha keeps denying that she is falling for Kabir and it’s only after his sudden disappearance, that she realises and acknowledges the same. Hampi teaches us to accept our feelings, rather than keep shunning away from them as that can only cause harm.

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