5 Hairstyles Of Lagira Zhala Jee’s Shivani Baokar That You Can Get In Under 15 Minutes

The actress who plays Sheetal on the show, has luscious hair and often experiments with various hairstyles. Check out pics!

A Picture Of Lagira Zhala Jee Actress Shivani Baokar

Shivani Baokar plays the typical girl-next-door Sheetal, in Zee Marathi’s popular show Lagira Zhala Jee. But in real- life, the actress is nothing short of a diva and her appearance is far from what we see on the show. Shivani likes to experiment with various clothes as well as hairstyles. The actress has thick and luscious hair and we can’t help but be envious! On the show, Shivani is mostly seen wearing her locks in a half-tied hairdo, she likes to leave them open otherwise.

Watch her in an episode from the show here.

Visit her Instagram account and you will be left wanting those thick wavy curls of hers. But nonetheless, you can always get hair like her! We show you five hairstyles by the actress that you can get in less than 15 minutes.

1. The semi- curled hairdo 

This type of a hairstyle requires a hair straightener as well as a curler. To get this look, you have to first start by straightening the upper section of your hair, to get that silky smooth effect. Then, proceed by curling the edges of your hair. Make sure you do light curls and not heavy ones.

2. The bed-hair look 

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You can even go without using a comb for this one! To get this hairdo of Shivan’s, all you need to do is make your hair semi wet and let them get dry. Once they do, run your fingers through the locks, so as to rough out any knots. Doing this will give your hair the messy look it needs. Avoid using a comb as it may make it neat, which is something you don’t want here.

3. The beachy waves look 

This hairstyle requires a bit of a technique. For this one, you need a round hairbrush. Start by collecting a few strands of hair and wrapping them around your hairbrush. Then, use a blow dryer on that part for about two minutes. Unwrap the hairbrush and you will see a nice curl formed. Repeat the same with the rest of your hair.

4. The straightened look 

This is a simple hairdo to replicate. All you need for this one is a hair straightener. Divide your hair into sections and use the straightener on each one of them, to get the sleek look.

5. The heavy curls look 

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For this hairstyle, you need a curling iron. Repeat the same technique, as you would, to get the beachy waves and voila, you’re done!

Which of these hairstyles are you the most excited to try out? Tell us in the comments section below!

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