5 Flight Essentials To Carry If You’re A First Time Traveler like Pushpak Vimaan’s Tatya

Are you traveling by flight for the first time? Worry not as these essentials will help you have a comfortable journey.

A Still From Pushpak Vimaan Featuring Mohan Joshi

Travelling by flight for the first time can be a nervous experience. From the check-in-procedure to security check to on-flight turbulence, it can all be an intimidating affair. Pushpak Vimaan, starring Subodh Bhave and Mohan Joshi tells the story of an 86-year-old man Tatya (Mohan) who is an ardent follower of Sant Tukaram and believes in the tale that Tukaram boarded an airplane and flew to heaven. As a result, Tatya too wants to fly to a world beyond his own universe, aboard an airplane. And his grandson Vilas (Subodh), is conflicted on how to deal with Tatya’s belief.

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Whether Tatya finally boards an airplane and fulfills his dream is a question for you to find out by watching the film! But like him, there would be many people wanting to travel by flight but hesitant to do so, owing to travel nervousness. However certain essentials helps ease the process and can provide comfort during the journey.

A Still From Pushpak Vimaan Featuring Mohan Joshi
Source: ZEE5

Here are 5 flight must-haves for first-time travellers…

1. A card and passport holder

Those familiar with travelling either carry their boarding passes in their hands or in their handbags. But for first-time travellers, we recommend that they get card and passport holders since the check-in procedure informs several steps and there’s a risk of losing the boarding pass. You can switch to carrying the pass in your hand or bag, once you too get accustomed to travelling by flight.

2. Medication such as Avomine

A Still From Pushpak Vimaan Featuring Mohan Joshi
Source: ZEE5

Travelling by flight can cause nausea. If you are prone to travel sickness, you can take an Avomine, which is an over-the-counter drug that you can take to feel at ease. Do proper research on this medicine, before consuming it.

3. A jacket or shawl 

An aeroplane is air conditioned and as a result, it can get really cold on the flight. Unless you’re travelling internationally where you are provided with blankets on the flight, carry a warm shawl or jacket.

4. Food or snacks 

Though you can buy food on low-cost airlines, it’s better to carry your own food or snacks when travelling. Flight food may not agree with your tummy instantly, so better to be safe than sorry, right?

5. A good book and a pair of headphones 

Poster Of Pushpak Vimaan Starring Mohan Joshi
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If you’re nervous, there’s nothing like a good book to keep you distracted right? If you’re not into reading, you can always listen to music on your phone or watch a movie in aeroplane mode, so make sure you’re carrying a good pair of headphones.

So, are you all set to travel by flight now? We hope we helped in calming you down. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Tell us where are you planning to go. And have a safe flight!

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